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Nantou County / Dongpu


Dongpu is a Bunun aboriginal village famed for its hot springs and picturesque mountain setting. It is situated on the banks of the Chenyoulan River and marks the starting point of the Batongguan Historic Trail. The hot springs in Dongpu are fed by slightly alkaline carbonic acid water from the river valley. The springs here are famed for their beautifying effect on the skin.

Special Features

The carbonic acid springs in Dongpu are clear, odorless, potable and have a temperature of about 25 degrees centigrade, making them perfect for a relaxing soak in the fresh air and green surroundings of the village.

Transport InformationNantou County / Dongpu

Public Transportation

1.Bus: From Shuili Station take the Yuanlin Passenger Bus to “Dongpu Hot Spring Station”.
2.Option 2 is to catch the Tour Taiwan Bus from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake, then transfter to Yuanlin Passenger Bus to Dongpu.
3.Option 3 is to catch the Tour Taiwan Bus to Alishan, transfer to the “Alishan to Sun Moon Lake” route, then get off at Heshe and take a bus to Dongpu (Please contact Yuanlin Passenger Bus Company for bus schedule).