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Jhihben is located 17 kilometers southwest of Taitung City. This area has risen as one of the most popular visitor destinations in Taitung due to the hot springs and scenic valley surroundings. Jhihben was first developed with public baths and guesthouses during the Japanese occupation period. After World War II, the guesthouses were converted into reception halls, which were later joined by other inns and spas.

Special Features

The Jhihben Hot Springs are located in the Jhihben River valley. The carbonic acid springs are alkaline, colorless, odorless and can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees centigrade. Valley scenes, waterfalls, a forest recreation area and other natural charms also await visitors at this scenic hot spring getaway.

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Public Transportation

Bus: Dingdong Passenger Bus Co. – Mountain region route
Telephone: 089-333023
Bus stop within the hot spring area: Zhiben