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The Taian Hot Springs are situated at the upper reaches of the Wenshuei River in Taian Township, Miaoli County. They were discovered by aboriginals in 1908 and subsequently developed as a police sanatorium during the Japanese occupation period. Known originally as the Hushan Hot Springs, they were rechristened with their current name by Chiang Kai-shek in 1978.

Special Features

The alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring water in Taian Township is clear and slightly alkaline, with a pH value of 8.48 and a temperature of 47 degrees centigrade.

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Public Transportation

Bus: Xinzhu (Hsinchu) Transportation Co.
Telephone: (03)5225151
Bus stops within the hot spring area: Dahu, Da Hu Wineland Resort, Fa Yun Monastery entrance, Wenshui, Qing’an entrance, Shangdao entrance, Silk Worm Factory, Qing’an, Baguakou, Bantianliao, Yongxiang Farm, Yuandun, Jinshui, Tai’an Bridge, Longshan entrance, and Henglong Mountain.