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Taiwan-Soak in Serenity: Hot Spring Stamp Card ActivityDate.: 2018-11-06

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The Stamp Card Raffle is just one more reason to enjoy Taiwan's world-class hot springs! Visitors who visit one hot spring in each of Taiwan's hot spring areas and have a stamp to prove it have a chance to win an iPhone Xr, a Gogoro S, a hot spring hotel voucher or a hot spring bath voucher!
(1) Visitors may obtain a stamp card at a designated location in each hot spring area (North, Central, South, East), whereupon they may collect stamps at each hot spring they visit. Visitors may submit their stamp cards to participate in the draw when their stamp cards are completed.
(2) The Hot Spring Stamp Card is available at Visitor Information Centers in hot spring areas or can be downloaded from our official website or via our Facebook page.
(3) Upon completion, visitors need only write their contact information on the stamp card and send it to us (No.28, Ln. 100, Sancun Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420, Taiwan).
(4) Rules:
1. Those with stamp cards marking at least one visit to each of Taiwan’s four major hot springs areas (North, Central, South, East) are eligible for a chance to win an iPhone Xr and a hotel or bathing voucher from one of Taiwan’s hot spring areas.
2.Visitors must have ten stamps (at least one from each area) in order to be eligible for a Gogoro S.
3. Limit one prize per participant
4. Visitors are required to fill out their contact information, including their first and last name, and phone number. Visitors must present identification during the draw. Participants whose information cannot be verified will not be eligible for the prize.
5. Winners are required to make a tax declaration in accordance with Taiwanese tax law (for details, please refer to the official website).
6. The use of any participant’s personal information is limited to this event only in accordance with government regulations (for details, please refer to the official website)
7. The organizer reserves the right to make any necessary changes. For other requirements not listed herein, announcements made by the organizer shall prevail.
The stamp card may be downloaded at: http://www.twleya.com.tw/2018-19hotspring/setcard.pdf