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Taiwan Hot Spring’s 19 Recommended Hot Spring ItinerariesDate.: 2018-11-06

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Taiwan Hot Spring recommends the following 19 travel itineraries for a fun and relaxing soak in serenity!

Mostly Highly Recommended in Northern Taiwan: Jinshan Wanli Hot Spring
Mostly Highly Recommended in Central Taiwan: Guguan Hot Spring Area
Mostly Highly Recommended in Southern Taiwan: Guanziling Hot Spring Area
Mostly Highly Recommended in Eastern Taiwan: Zhiben Hot Spring Area (Includes Green Island)

Xinbeitou and Shamao Mountain, Yangmingshan, Sanxia, Wulai, Jiaoxi
Neiwan Jianshi, Dakeng, Wuri, Tai’an, Dongpu, Beigangxi
Bulai Bulao, Sichongxi
East: Ruisui, Antong