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Hot springs are produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth's crustDue to Taiwan's unique geological structure - formed at a complex convergent boundary between the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian Plate - most of the island is on the circum-Pacific belt, and high-temperature springs with crystal-clear water are found throughout various regions in Taiwan. It's no wonder that Taiwan is known as the Hot Spring Kingdom.

Taiwan's standard definition of hot springs:(Issued on July 22, 2005)

I. The standards below are in accordance with the Hot Spring Provision Number 2, Article 3. (Hereinafter referred to as “Regulation”)

II. Warm water, referring to hot spring water from the natural source or the hot spring orifice, must be at least 30 degrees Celsius, and the water quality must be in accordance with one of the following requirements: (1) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): above 500mg/L (2) Main anion content: bicarbonate ion (HCO3-) above 250 mg/L, sulfate ion (SO4=) above 250 mg/L, or chloride (other halogen-containing ions) CI-, including other halide) above 250 mg/L. (3) Special component: free carbon dioxide (CO2) above 250 mg/L, total sulfide more than 1 mg/L, total iron (Fe+2+Fe+3) more than 10 mg/L, or radium above 1/100,000,000th (curie/L).

III. Cold water, referring to naturally flowing underground water or artificially extracted spring water that’s lower than 30 degrees Celsius and above 500 mg/L free carbon dioxide.

IV. Hot water (steam), referring to natural gushing underground steam or artificially extracted steam or water, or mixed fluid, must meet the Hot Spring Provision Number 2 for hot spring temperature and water quality.

V. Precautions noted during testing will be announced by the Central Authorities and published in the government gazette. The method of testing is based on the minimum requirement according to the standard.

VI. The standards will be implemented on the date the requirements are implemented.

More than one hundred hot springs have been discovered in Taiwan, located in different geological areas including plains, mountains, valleys, and oceans. The highest concentration of hot springs can be found in northern Taiwan, where the Tatun Volcano is located, while along both sides of the central mountain range, covering an area that to the north is bordered by Yilan and to the south by Pingtung, the largest number of hot springs can be found. Hot springs found here make up more than 80% of all hot springs in Taiwan. As hot springs generally come from deep below the surface of the earth, when they emerge they bring along a high concentration and great variety of minerals that are mostly foreign to the human body and benefit our general health. Specific properties of hot springs vary depending on chemical composition, mineral concentration and water temperature. Taiwan has a great variety of springs, both cold and hot. Of course, each type of hot spring has its own specific medicinal properties.

Bathing:Before entering the hot spring, please shower in the dressing room first. This helps to increase the mineral absorption in the hot spring, and is also good hygiene. Ladies need to remove their makeup before entering the hot spring. This helps the skin absorb the steam in the hot spring and keeps the spring water clean.

Appropriate Clothing:Change into your swimsuit or bathrobe and slippers provided in the dressing room, then enter into the open air hot spring area. To avoid polluting the water, please do not put any towels in the hot spring. Towels may be folded and placed above your head if you need to wipe off sweat. Swimsuits must be worn if using the hot spring in the stream.

Enter Hot Spring Quietly:Quietly enter the pool without splashing others. Do not swim, splash or stare at others in the hot spring.

Prohibited activities:Do not scrub yourself and disturb others while in the hot spring. Do not lower your head and face into the hot spring. Cleaning your face or hair is not allowed in the hot spring.

Variety of Hot Springs:If using more than one hot spring, please rinse off using one of the showers by the hot springs before entering another hot spring. This avoids leaving substances from one hot spring to another, and in doing so, affecting the unique benefits of each hot spring.

Take Care of Environment:To avoid contaminating the hot spring water, please be mindful and do not take animals or food into the hot spring area. Please help us keep our surroundings clean by not leaving garbage in the hot spring area.

Using the hot spring when you have insomnia, lack sleep or are mentally exhausted may cause a lack of blood flow to the brain, otherwise known as Hot Spring Shock Syndrome. After drinking alcoholic beverages, do not use the hot spring because it may increase blood circulation leading to a stroke. It’s best to go in the hot spring when you’re sober.

1. Bathers should thoroughly wash their body before entering the bath(s).

2. Persons suffering from chronic disease such as heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other obstructions of the circulatory system should enter the baths in accordance with a doctor’s instructions.

3. Bathers should drink enough water before and after entering the bath(s).

4. It is inadvisable to be immersed in the hot spring above the heart.

5. If bathers have any discomfort during bath, please inform service personnel immediately.

6. After a long-distance hike, excessive fatigue, or strenuous exercise, it is advisable to rest awhile before entering the bath(s), to avoid cerebral anemia or heat shock.

7. Persons with infectious diseases should not enter the bath(s).

8. Women who are menstruating should not enter the bath(s).

9. Do not take any pet into the bath(s).

10. It is inadvisable for pregnant women, elderly persons who have difficulty moving, and children under the age of three to enter the bath(s).

11. It is inadvisable to enter the bath(s) when intoxicated, with an empty stomach, or after a filling meal.

12. It is inadvisable to be immersed in the hot spring for more than 15 minutes at a time.

13. It is inadvisable to enter a sauna directly after taking a hot spring bath, to avoid causing damage to the corneas.

Summer is a time when the body’s metabolism is the most exuberant. It’s also a time when the yang energy is the most vigorous and the blood circulation is the smoothest. Soaking in the hot spring during this time of year makes it easier for the skin to absorb the healing properties in the hot spring. Some of the clinical symptoms that can be improved by soaking in the hot springs are asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and common colds. Soaking in the hot springs can also improve your overall health, immune system, and reduce allergic reactions. It definitely achieves the goal of disease prevention!

As long as it’s done correctly, summer hot springs not only promotes health, it also improves a deficient system!

According to the ancient Chinese wisdom of health, the human body lives among the cosmos and every living thing is closely linked with nature. In order to stay healthy and avoid getting ill, one must adapt to the changes in nature, such as climate changes in each season and the regulation of day and night. Following this wisdom will maintain and achieve harmony of the body and soul.

Summer is a good season to visit the hot springs, especially soaking the lower part of the body. Soak your legs from knees down into the hot spring and keep the upper body dry and well ventilated. It’s fine to scoop up water and slowly pour it down the body along the back of your neck and let the water run between your shoulder blades down the spine. Please avoid soaking the chest and stomach area in the hot spring for a long period of time.

The ideal time to soak the lower body in the hot springs is during morning and night for about 20 minutes every day. The temperature should be around 40 degrees. A tradition proverb states: “Soaking the feet in the spring increases yang energy and strengthens the body; Soaking the feet in the summer removes dampness; Soaking the feet in the fall moistens the lung and intestines; Soaking the feet in the winter warms the lower abdomen”.

The feet are the roots of the essence in the human body, and the “yongquan meridian point” under the feet is one of the main meridian points that lead to the kidneys. Providing proper warmth to the feet and soaking the wrists in the hot spring at the same time can warm up the distal extremities, promote blood circulation, protect the yang energy in the body, strengthen the immune system, eliminate fatigue and restore vitality!

A smart way to enjoy the hot springs is to use it properly so it can help you eliminate fatigue, relax muscles and joints, promote metabolism, help with sleep issues, and even moisturize your skin and give you a dewy, glowing look!

To be well-hydrated, drink some water before and after using the hot spring.

Avoid overeating and drinking alcohol after using the hot spring.

After using the hot spring, do not drink coffee, tea, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and engage in other stimulating activities in order to sustain the benefits from the hot spring.

White sulfur spring
Features: White sulfur, yellowish white color, semi-transparent, strong sulfur smell.
Locations North: Taipei City New Beitou Hot SpringsTaipei City Yangmingshan Hot SpringsTaipei City Shamao Mountain Hot Springs

Green sulfur spring
Features: Green sulfur spring is slightly greenish in color, has sulfur smell and can't be drunken.
Locations North: Taipei City New Beitou Hot SpringsTaipei City Yangmingshan Hot SpringsTaipei City Shamao Mountain Hot Springs

Iron sulfur spring
Features: Iron sulfur, reddish brown color.
Locations North: Taipei City New Beitou Hot SpringsNew Taipei City Jinshan-Wanli Hot Springs

Sulfur spring
Features: cinnamon and whitish color, strong sulfur smell, helps relieve fatigue.
Locations North: Taipei City Yangmingshan Hot SpringsTaipei City Shamao Mountain Hot SpringsNew Taipei City Jinshan-Wanli Hot Springs

Mud spring
Features: graying black color, leaves skin feeling smooth and silky afterward. Considered a natural skincare product. Glacial Marine Mud is made from this type of mud.
Locations South: Tainan City Guanzihling Hot Springs

Sulfate chloride spring
Features: clear, vulcanized rubber smell, salty.
Locations East: Hualien County Antong Hot Springs

Carbonate spring
Features: Contains iron and rich minerals, muddy color, slightly salty, can't be drunken.
Locations East: Hualien County Rueisuei Hot Springs

Alkaline carbonate spring
Features: Clear to whitish color, contains large amounts of minerals, known as "Beauty Spring".
Locations East: Taitung County Jhihben Hot Springs

Seabed hot spring
Features: Transparent sulfur salt spring, yellowish, salty.
Locations North: New Taipei City Jinshan-Wanli Hot Springs

Open-air hot spring:The ultimate hot spring relaxation is soaking in the hot water while enjoying beautiful natural surroundings. Open-air hot springs offer a sweeping natural landscape in a comfortable and relaxing environment. The sounds of water slowly trickling in the stream and birds chirping compose nature's most relaxing symphony. The natural rocks and stones surrounding the area add to the relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. For those who are tired of being in a spa room, it is worth trying the open-air hot spring, as the experience will melt away your stress and fatigue. Open-air hot springs are generally semi-open-air or outdoor hot springs. Semi-open-air springs are usually located in a hotel. Nude hot springs are not available in every location, therefore, visitors need to check with each hot spring location prior to visiting.

Individual Springs:Individual spring is the preferred choice for city folks because it offers privacy. Some individual springs are refined and exquisite, while others may have different landscapes, scenes and marble bathtubs in a large space with a huge floor-to-ceiling window. The views of lush mountains and streams outside the window transport your mind far from the noisy city. Beitou hot spring is located in the misty, cloud-shrouded mountains with serene sounds of water trickling in nearby streams. Indulging in the tranquil surrounding makes you feel lazy and carefree. Many of the hot spring facilities have a variety of equipment and amenities, and the options are always increasing. There are even special offers that include one overnight stay with breakfast and dinner included. Are you tempted? Why not make plans right now!

Hot Spring Swimming Pool:Swimming is a whole-body exercise that's also great for stress release. Similar to the tu-na breathing exercise in Qigong, an important part of swimming is breathing, which has a great impact on heart and lung function and increases the flexibility of muscles and joints. For seniors, swimming is a wonderful exercise because it prevents the loss of calcium and minimizes bone injury. For those who swim regularly, it's an added bonus to enjoy the views while maintaining your exercise routine.

Hot Spring Hydrotherapy:There are more and more new hydrotherapy facilities in the hot spring area. Most people are familiar with hydro jet massage therapy, which consists of hydro massage chair, jet massage therapy, rainshower, gooseneck nozzle, duckbill spray head and pool spa massage bed. The water pressure from hydrotherapy targets various parts of the body and provides a relaxing massage. The combination of water pressure and different water quality stimulates various pressure points in the body to restore balance, loosen tight muscles and nerves, and allow the whole body to relax. The water buoyancy allows the body to lighten its load, relax the muscles and joints, and stimulate blood circulation and heart function. The appropriate water temperature also helps with the absorption of oxygen and nutrients, speeds up waste elimination and strenghtens metabolism.

Healthy Hot Spring:Essential oil, herb bag, bath salt, lavender, fresh ginger, mint, rose and vanilla are some of the ingredients that can be added into the hot spring bath. These ingredients make your hot spring experience more enjoyable and relaxing, and also help to restore your energy and health. The various delicious and healthy hot spring meals are also wonderful to enjoy with a few friends.

Hot Spring in the Wild:Hot spring in the wild has gained popularity in recent years because the trip is full of surprises. Before leaving for your trip, be sure to do some research so you won't miss some of the beautiful scenery along the way. We recommend going with friends so you can help each other out. Do not plan your trip during typhoon, spring rainy season, dry season (November to March) and days of bad weather. Please note that some locations require a permit and it's necessary to acquire them before your trip! Hot springs in the wild need everyone's help to maintain cleanliness. Please pick up your own garbage and take it back with you. Also, the paths are narrow and you need to pay attention to the cars that share the road with you.

Hyrdrotherapy Spa Pool:Hydrotherapy spa pools have strong water pressure that massage tight muscles, and facilitate metabolism and blood circulation. It also helps to slim the body and make skin look younger, as it restores firmness in the skin and relaxes tight muscles and nerves. Soaking in the 40-degree-Centigrade ultrasound jacuzzi allows the pores to open up and quickly eliminates toxin and sweat. The strong jacuzzi jets aim at various pressure points to massage and relax your joints, and regulate your blood circulation. All these benefits result in younger looking skin and is especially popular among our female clients.

Steam Room:Sitting in the steam room helps to open up pores, and increase blood circulation and metabolism. The sweating also helps the skin to maintain firmness. The high temperature and steam in the steam room may cause shortness of breath, so it's recommended to breathe out of your mouth or gently cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel. Generally, the temperature is slightly lower near the door, so it's a good place to sit at first to adjust yourself to the temperature. Some people like to put moisturizer on their skin when they enter the steam room, but it's not necessary. The steam room causes you to sweat and that defeats the purpose of using moisturizers. Some steam rooms combine aromatherapy by adding essential oils to the steam machine, which allow the skin to benefit from the oil. After leaving the steam room, soak in the cold spring for a while to allow the pores to close up quickly. Regular steam room use over a long period of time will increase the skin's firmness and luster.

Sauna:Sauna's infrared or far-infrared waves go deep in the skin to remove toxins, increase metabolism and blood circulation throughout the body. We recommend staying in the sauna for 10-15 minutes until you sweat, then replenish with water, mineral water containing electrolyte or sports drinks to prevent hypotension.

Jet Massage Hydrotherapy:Gooseneck-shaped jet hydrotherapy's high water pressure and force target the head, neck, shoulders and upper back area, and massage these sore and tight spots. Different from the duckbill spray-head jet that hits the targeted area horizontally, gooseneck-shaped jets are effective in increasing blood circulation, stimulating pressure points and reducing muscle tightness in the upper body. Before targeting the neck area under the gooseneck-shaped jet, allow your legs to get use to the water pressure first. We recommend 20-30 minutes of this therapy each time.

Swimming Pool:Swimming is a whole-body exercise that's also great for stress release. Similar to the tu-na breathing exercise in Qigong, an important part of swimming is breathing, which has a great impact on heart and lung functions and increases the flexibility of muscles and joints. For seniors, swimming is a wonderful exercise because it prevents the loss of calcium and minimizes bone injury. For those who swim regularly, it's an added bonus to enjoy the views while maintaining your routine exercise.

Hot Spring Cuisines:It's a real treat for food lovers who visit the hot spring area, because a variety of cuisines from different cultures are available. Some popular locations even provide private rooms for guests to enjoy their meals. There are also private rooms with karaoke equipments for visitors who enjoy singing. Although singing is quite different from creating poems - a favorite pastime for ancient scholars - one can express their feeling through singing and that makes the whole experience more interesting and memorable!

Star-gazing Spots:Many hot springs are located in places without nightlights. As long as the weather is nice you'll be able to see countless stars in the sky. The beautiful shining stars might urge you to reach up and touch one.