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Luye Plateau

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The Highland area is a highland area located to the north of Longtian, in Yongan Village, Luye Township. It has an elevation of around 350 meters. The unique geographical conditions of this area make it a superior place for eastern Taiwan paragliding activities. June, July and August are the best months for riding hot-air balloons in the Luye Plateau.

As you follow the signs from Longtian to Highland, the land gradually becomes higher. After going a short distance from the Highland Tea Leaves Exhibition Center, a vast carpet of green grass slopes greets the eyes. This is the Highland Paragliding Training Center, which was set up by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area. After climbing up the grass slopes to the highest viewing pavilion, the scenery of the whole Highland area and Beinan River Valley can be taken in at a single glance. Just on a relevant note, there is a parachute site right across the Fulushan Farm & Resort. Many visitors have come to Taitung to take a parachute ride which offers magnificent panoramic views.

Over the last few years, to promote air activities, quite a few hot-air balloons events have been held by the East Rift National Scenic Area Administration and the Taitung Government, such as riding hot-air balloon with professional players, hot-air balloon rides, and hot-air balloon shows.

A hot-air balloon school has been established at the old Yongan Elementary School Branch in Luye.

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