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Before entering the hot spring, please shower in the dressing room first. This helps to increase the mineral absorption in the hot spring, and is also good hygiene. Ladies need to remove their makeup before entering the hot spring. This helps the skin absorb the steam in the hot spring and keeps the spring water clean.

Appropriate Clothing:

Change into your swimsuit or bathrobe and slippers provided in the dressing room, then enter into the open air hot spring area. To avoid polluting the water, please do not put any towels in the hot spring. Towels may be folded and placed above your head if you need to wipe off sweat. Swimsuits must be worn if using the hot spring in the stream.

Enter Hot Spring Quietly:

Quietly enter the pool without splashing others. Do not swim, splash or stare at others in the hot spring.

Prohibited activities:

Do not scrub yourself and disturb others while in the hot spring. Do not lower your head and face into the hot spring. Cleaning your face or hair is not allowed in the hot spring.

Variety of Hot Springs:

If using more than one hot spring, please rinse off using one of the showers by the hot springs before entering another hot spring. This avoids leaving substances from one hot spring to another, and in doing so, affecting the unique benefits of each hot spring.

Take Care of Environment:

To avoid contaminating the hot spring water, please be mindful and do not take animals or food into the hot spring area. Please help us keep our surroundings clean by not leaving garbage in the hot spring area.

Caution signs and things to avoid when using the hot spring.

Using the hot spring when you have insomnia, lack sleep or are mentally exhausted may cause a lack of blood flow to the brain, otherwise known as Hot Spring Shock Syndrome. After drinking alcoholic beverages, do not use the hot spring because it may increase blood circulation leading to a stroke. It’s best to go in the hot spring when you’re sober.

  1. Bathers should thoroughly wash their body before entering the bath(s).
  2. Persons suffering from chronic disease such as heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other obstructions of the circulatory system should enter the baths in accordance with a doctor’s instructions.
  3. Bathers should drink enough water before and after entering the bath(s).
  4. It is inadvisable to be immersed in the hot spring above the heart.
  5. If bathers have any discomfort during bath, please inform service personnel immediately.
  6. After a long-distance hike, excessive fatigue, or strenuous exercise, it is advisable to rest awhile before entering the bath(s), to avoid cerebral anemia or heat shock.
  7. Persons with infectious diseases should not enter the bath(s).
  8. Women who are menstruating should not enter the bath(s).
  9. Do not take any pet into the bath(s).
  10. It is inadvisable for pregnant women, elderly persons who have difficulty moving, and children under the age of three to enter the bath(s).
  11. It is inadvisable to enter the bath(s) when intoxicated, with an empty stomach, or after a filling meal.
  12. It is inadvisable to be immersed in the hot spring for more than 15 minutes at a time.
  13. It is inadvisable to enter a sauna directly after taking a hot spring bath, to avoid causing damage to the corneas.

Last updated:: 2020-02-26