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Hot Spring Area Intro


Living in Taipei’s Yangmingshan area is like living in a big garden to the residents because of the blooming flowers everywhere. The area’s volcanic terrain provides nearly endless geothermal resources for the hot spring, making it an ideal place for hot spring resorts.

Special Features

Yangmingshan Hot Spring’s primary hot spring source is the white sulfur spring while the green sulfur spring is the secondary one. The hot spring source is concentrated between the sixth and seventh caves in the west foothill of Shamaoshan (Mt. Shamao). There are many areas to enjoy the hot springs within Yangmingshan, including the four hot spring areas around Yangmingshan National Park, Lengshuikeng, Macao, and (Fire) Gengziping.
Because this area’s frequent volcanic thermal activity and diverse mineral composition, each spring’s quality, temperature and healing benefits are all unique and different as well.
For example, in Lengshuikeng the spring is a milky white color and the temperature is slightly lower (around 40 degrees Celsius) than other hot springs in the area, hence the name Lengshuikeng (“lengshui” means cool water). The temperature in Macao Hot Spring is around 70-75 degrees Celsius.
The hot spring temperature at (Fire) Gengziping can reach up to 99 degrees Celsius. However, it’s not recommended to those who suffer from excessive uric acid, uric acid stones, Cystitis, chronic gastric disease, enteritis, bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, and neuralgia.

Spring Type

White sulfur spring
Green sulfur spring
Sulfur spring


Public Transportation

1. Taipei Main Station – Yangmingshan Visitor Center
Take MRT Danshui route or Beitou route – Get off at Jiantan Station – Bus #5 Red – Yangmingshan Main Station – Transfer to Leisure Bus 108.
2. Taipei Fine Arts Museum – Yangmingshan Visitor Center:
(1) Take Bus 260 – Yangmingshan Main Station – Transfer to Leisure Bus 108
(2) Take Royal Bus to the Yangmingshan Visitor Center
3. MRT Jiantan Station – Yangmingshan Visitor Center: Exit at Jiantan Station – Bus #5 Red – Yangmingshan Main Station – Transfer to Leisure Bus 108

Yangmingshan National Park & Hot Spring Tour