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Hyrdrotherapy Spa Pool:

Hydrotherapy spa pools have strong water pressure that massage tight muscles, and facilitate metabolism and blood circulation. It also helps to slim the body and make skin look younger, as it restores firmness in the skin and relaxes tight muscles and nerves. Soaking in the 40-degree-Centigrade ultrasound jacuzzi allows the pores to open up and quickly eliminates toxin and sweat. The strong jacuzzi jets aim at various pressure points to massage and relax your joints, and regulate your blood circulation. All these benefits result in younger looking skin and is especially popular among our female clients.

  • Hyrdrotherapy Spa Pool

Steam Room:

Sitting in the steam room helps to open up pores, and increase blood circulation and metabolism. The sweating also helps the skin to maintain firmness. The high temperature and steam in the steam room may cause shortness of breath, so it's recommended to breathe out of your mouth or gently cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel. Generally, the temperature is slightly lower near the door, so it's a good place to sit at first to adjust yourself to the temperature. Some people like to put moisturizer on their skin when they enter the steam room, but it's not necessary. The steam room causes you to sweat and that defeats the purpose of using moisturizers. Some steam rooms combine aromatherapy by adding essential oils to the steam machine, which allow the skin to benefit from the oil. After leaving the steam room, soak in the cold spring for a while to allow the pores to close up quickly. Regular steam room use over a long period of time will increase the skin's firmness and luster.


Sauna's infrared or far-infrared waves go deep in the skin to remove toxins, increase metabolism and blood circulation throughout the body. We recommend staying in the sauna for 10-15 minutes until you sweat, then replenish with water, mineral water containing electrolyte or sports drinks to prevent hypotension.

Jet Massage Hydrotherapy:

Gooseneck-shaped jet hydrotherapy's high water pressure and force target the head, neck, shoulders and upper back area, and massage these sore and tight spots. Different from the duckbill spray-head jet that hits the targeted area horizontally, gooseneck-shaped jets are effective in increasing blood circulation, stimulating pressure points and reducing muscle tightness in the upper body. Before targeting the neck area under the gooseneck-shaped jet, allow your legs to get use to the water pressure first. We recommend 20-30 minutes of this therapy each time.

Swimming Pool:

Swimming is a whole-body exercise that's also great for stress release. Similar to the tu-na breathing exercise in Qigong, an important part of swimming is breathing, which has a great impact on heart and lung functions and increases the flexibility of muscles and joints. For seniors, swimming is a wonderful exercise because it prevents the loss of calcium and minimizes bone injury. For those who swim regularly, it's an added bonus to enjoy the views while maintaining your routine exercise.

  • Swimming Pool

Hot Spring Cuisines:

It's a real treat for food lovers who visit the hot spring area, because a variety of cuisines from different cultures are available. Some popular locations even provide private rooms for guests to enjoy their meals. There are also private rooms with karaoke equipments for visitors who enjoy singing. Although singing is quite different from creating poems - a favorite pastime for ancient scholars - one can express their feeling through singing and that makes the whole experience more interesting and memorable!

  • Hot Spring Cuisines

Star-gazing Spots

Many hot springs are located in places without nightlights. As long as the weather is nice you'll be able to see countless stars in the sky. The beautiful shining stars might urge you to reach up and touch one.

  • Star-gazing Spots

Last updated:: 2019-12-17