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Hot Spring Area Intro


Jiaoxi was named “Tangwei” (meaning ‘surrounding hot spring’) in the old days. It was founded and settled by Wu Sha, the first developer of Kailan, which was the original name of Ilan. Wu Sha saw the potential of the area’s hot spring resources, and started to plan and develop this area by building houses that surrounded the hot spring resource. Due to the often dry riverbed in this area, people called it ‘Jiaoxi’, (meaning ‘dry creek’ in the Taiwanese dialect). In 1825, during the reign of Qing Dynasty Emperor, Daoguang (5th year in the throne), a Kamalan (old name for Ilan) official, Wu Zhufang, named these eight representative scenery in Ilan, which are known as the Eight Lanyang Scenery today: “Guishan Sun”, “Longling Ridge Evening”, “Xifeng Refreshing Air”, “Beiguan Tides”, “Shigang Spring Sail”, “Shanan Autumn Sand”, “Su’ao Mirage City”, and “Tangwei Hot Spring”. From then on, the Ilan people referred to their land as Lanyang.

Special Features

Jiaoxi Hot Spring is a neutral sodium bicarbonate spring with a 7.5 pH level. The spring’s chemical composition includes sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium carbonate ion. The temperature is moderate at around 64 degrees Celsius and the water is clear and free of strong sulfur odors. A soak in this hot spring leaves your skin smooth, silky and not sticky. Along with Italy, Jiaoxi Hot Spring is one of the two places in the world that has phenol titanium content, which is good for beauty and anti-aging. Therefore, it is known as the “top-notch” hot spring.

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring


Public Transportation

1.Take the Taiwan Railway to Jiaoxi station can arrive.
2.Take the capital passenger 1572, 1880 / garmalan passenger 1915 arrived.

Jiaoxi Route A

Jiaoxi Station > Jiaoxi Transfer Station > Jiaoxi Visitor Center > Tangweigou Park > Paoma Historic Trail > Royal Sky Park > Wufengqi Scenic Area > Hotel Royal Chiao Hst > Paoma Historic Trail > Li Baoxing Penstock > Linmei Vistor Center > Linmei Shipan Trail > Fo Guang University > Foguang University Water Drop Teahouse > Fo Guang University Yun Qi Building

Jiaoxi Route B

Jiaoxi Station >  Jiaoxi Transfer Station > Jiaoxi Visitor Center > Tangweigou Park > Li Baoxing Penstock > Linmei Vistor Center > Linmei Shipan Trail > Tamkang University Lanyang Campus