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Hot Spring Area Intro


The Taian Hot Springs are situated at the upper reaches of the Wenshuei River in Taian Township, Miaoli County. They were discovered by aboriginals in 1908 and subsequently developed as a police sanatorium during the Japanese occupation period. Known originally as the Hushan Hot Springs, they were rechristened with their current name by Chiang Kai-shek in 1978.

Special Features

The alkaline sodium bicarbonate spring water in Taian Township is clear and slightly alkaline, with a pH value of 8.48 and a temperature of 47 degrees centigrade.

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring
Alkaline carbonate spring


Public Transportation

Take Hsinchu passenger transport 5656 to Lake, transfer 5662 to Qing'an, and then change the taxi arrived.

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