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Hot Spring Area Intro


Dakeng Hot Spring is located in the Dakeng Scenic Area of Taichung City and belongs to the Dakengtou Mountain Range. After the 921 earthquake, the Chelongpu fault passed through the large pit, the stratum changed violently, and hot spring resources were discovered and became new tourism resources.

Special Features

Dakeng Hot Spring is a sodium bicarbonate spring. The spring color is clear and odorless. The pH value is about 7 and the temperature of the spring is low. It is about 58 ℃ when it reaches the surface. Mineral components such as calcium, potassium, carbonate ions, etc., do not have a pungent sulphur smell. Whether soaked, bathed, or treated as mineral water, it is extremely helpful to your health.

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring


Public Transportation

1. Taichung Passenger Road Takes 15, 16, 66
2. Tonglian Bus Takes 85
3. China Taichung Passenger Transport 1, 20, 31

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