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Hot Spring Area Intro


Qingquan Hot Spring is located in Taoshan Village, Wufeng Township of Xinzhu County. Originally called Inoue Hot Spring, it was one of the eight scenic attractions in Xinzhu during the Japanese occupation.
Famous for its hot spring, Qingquan (“Clear Spring” in Chinese) got its name because the water in the mild alkaline carbonic acid spring is clear and odorless. It was once a prolific hot spring, but due to flash floods which caused the stratum formation to shift, the hot spring dried up and disappeared for several years. The hot spring remained dormant until the 1921 Earthquake at Shangpingxi in Wufeng Township. Today, the hot spring renovation process has been completed.

Special Features

The spring water in Qingquan Hot Spring is a mild alkaline carbonic acid spring. The water is abundant, clear and odorless with a temperature around 48 degrees Celsius. As the weather cools, the hot spring pH level (hydrogen ion concentration) increases to 7.7. The scenes around Qingquan are serene with lush green mountains surrounding the whole area. Legend has it that the hot spring pool was so big that people used to go swimming here. It was said that mountain pigeons would fly here to soak in the spring water when they were hurt because the water had healing properties. As a result, the Atayal people also began using the hot spring to treat their aches and pains. In addition to its unique hot spring, the Qingquan area is also known for its beautiful scenery consisting of forest streams, suspension bridge, Qingquan Trail, Peach Blossom Trail, waterfall, and other cultural relics native to this mountain region. Spring time is especially beautiful when peach blossoms are in full bloom. A visit here will reduce your stress as you soak in the soothing hot spring and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’s definitely a hot spot for a relaxing weekend getaway.

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring
Alkaline carbonate spring


Public Transportation

Take the Hsinchu passenger 5625, 5631 can reach the pointed stone Hot Spring area.

Take the Hsinchu passenger 5629, 5630 can reach the clear spring.