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Famous hot springs in southern Taiwan strengthen immunity

Activity Date: 2020-04-22

The three biggest hot spring parks - Guanziling, Sichongxi, and Baolai - in southern Taiwan are known for the mellow spring water they provide. The water makes them visitors’ favorites. Guanziling is especially famous for its mud springs. Other than high-quality springs, in Guanziling, there are mountains and hiking trails to visit. Dadongshan Hiking Trail and Xianglu Historic Trail beneath Biyun Temple are both suitable for people enjoy the nature. And Baolai Hot Spring Park in Kaohsiung is now filled with blooming pink shower trees. For a romantic and leisurely trip, why not visit the park during the flower season, aside from taking hot spring baths! Sichongxi Hot Spring Park has one of the four most famous hot springs of the Japanese Rule. Blessed with clear water rich with minerals, Sichongxi boasts rare “Yunohana” (Japanese) which is natural crystal formed throughout the years. Nearby destinations such as Checheng Guishan Hiking Trail and Shimen Old Battlefield are highly recommended, too.

The hot springs in Taiwan are highly diverse. In southern Taiwan, Guanziling, Sichongxi, and Baolai are known for their special springs - volcanic mud springs, sodium bicarbonate springs, and more. Each hot spring park features a different landscape and culture. 

Take preventive measures during the pandemic and have fun on the go

To visitors: please keep proper social distance and wear masks during national holiday vacations. Keep your hands sterilized, so as to protect yourself and others. Also, when feeling unwell, put on masks and seek medical care as soon as possible. Remember to inform medical professionals of your recent trips and the people you have encountered in the past 14 days, if applicable. Tell your family and friends who are traveling with you about the aforementioned tips. Let’s take good care of each other and arrive home safe and sound!


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