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Baimiweng Fort (Holland Castle)

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TheBaimiweng Fort (Holland Castle) is located on the upland at the west bank of Keelung Port. It was probably installed more than 300 years ago during the Spanish and Holland colonial periods and is thus also known as the "Gun Emplacement of Fort Holland." It was once occupied by French troops during the Sino-French War. The Japanese colonial government remodeled the place to become the way it looks today.

Among all the gun emplacements still exist in Taiwan, this is the only one that has a shape of a rectangular platform and is listed one of the country's third-class historical sites. However, there is no cannon at the site today. The vestiges of four platforms and fragments of wall are all that is left. While the command post at the left side of the emplacement has been remodeled, the observation post at the right side can be reached by taking the stone steps next to a pavilion. The view up here is magnificent, with the earth and sky spreading out to form a harmonious picture.

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