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Museum of World Religions

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Situated south of downtown Taipei and east of Xindian River is the Museum of World Religions. Located atop the Sogo Department Store in Yonghe(now the Beyond Plaza) , the Museum of World Religions has become a showcase for learning world religious cultures and a venue for promoting "Life education." The museum incorporates a large amount of multimedia interactive exhibits, which aim to bring the audience a comprehensive understanding broaching the perspectives of religious artistic traditions, classical literature, music, religious ceremonial rites and architectural feats, as well as experiencing firsthand the museum's primary philosophy of "Love" and "Peace." It also aims to present every visitor with a memorable lifetime experience of appreciating the beauty of religion.

At the exhibit, the "Avatamsaka World" aims to create a sacred space in the celestial skies; the "Great Hall of World Religions" serves to showcase the spirit of every major religion; the miniature religious buildings aim to recreate the facade and interior furbishing of famous religious buildings and use the latest mini camera technology to give the visitor a close-up view. The “Hall of Life’s Journey” shows the customs relating to the five stages in a person’s life. The children's exhibition - "the wonderland of love," features a premiere children's education hall devoted to life education, which utilizes interactive media facilities for the children to experience the essence of love through games and exploration. Come visit the Museum of World Religions, as it invites you to appreciate various religious cultures and inner tranquility. It is fun and educational, so why not pay the museum a visit in your next leisurely outing.

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