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Jinping Hot Spring

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Located in Jinping Village in Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, it is a newly emerged spa area preserving the quiet natural landscapes. The water of the hot springs there is natural and clear, being carbonate salt springs suitable for spa and relaxation.

Nearby attractions include the Lidongshan Ancient Castle and Xiakelo Historic Trail. These spots have gorgeous scenery in "aboriginal" flavors; therefore, they are recommended to visitors. Besides tasting sweet persimmons and understanding the culture of the Atayal Tribe and the rich ecology of the area, visitors can relax by enjoying the carbonate salt spa for a happy weekend or holiday.

Jinping Bridge
The bridge is located at the entrance to the Jinping Tribal Area where there are cliffs and steep rocks. To promote tourism, the tribesmen built a bright tunnel in the cliff and erected a totem statue of an Atayal hero there. This hero has an aboriginal face, holds a long spear in hand, and is ready to hunt, marking out the style of aborigines. As it stands at a high point, its grand posture is very splendid and eye-catching.

Water quality: Carbonate salt spa
PH value: 7
Water temperature: 30-43.2

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