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Liji Badlands and Little Huang Mountain (Huangshan)

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Liji Badlands
Liji Badlands was formed by the uplifting of soft marine sediments above the surface of the sea and their subsequent erosion into an infinite number of small gullies where no blade of grass can grow. The resulting topography resembles the badlands of Lunar World in Gang Mountain (Gangshan), Kaohsiung City. This unusual geological area, which is about two kilometers long and one kilometer wide, can be viewed from either Beinan Bridge or Liji Bridge.

Little Huang Mountain (Huangshan)

The section of the Beinan River stretching from Yan Bay to Shanli is known as Xiaohuang Mountain (Xiaohuangshan) (Little Huang Mountain (Huangshan) ), and is also called "the Red Cliffs of Taitung." Both names are in reference to famous scenic sites in mainland China. The cliffs along the river shine golden in the sunlight and are reflected in the water, creating a scenic panorama that stretches four kilometers. This is a very impressive natural tableau that is reminiscent of a classic Chinese landscape painting.

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