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National Taichung Theater

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The National Taichung Theater was designed by Japanese architect Ito Toyo. Based on the "sound cave" concept, elements such as curved-wall units and air holes are used to build this changed space. The result is a newfound building that stands on its own firmly without supporting pillars or 90-degree walls at all.

The theater is equipped with three professional performing venues which meet international standards: Grand Theatre, Playhouse and Black Box. They can each be adapted to fit the needs of various types of productions. There is also a multi-functional space, "Corner Salon," where educational events and public speeches may be held. The green Outdoor Plaza and the rooftop Sky Garden are great for the public to spend some leisurely hours in.

The architecture of the National Taichung Theater is a work of art. The theater's performing venues and garden are unique, too. It is worth paying a visit here for an artistic feast, from the inside out!

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