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Guguan Visitor Center

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Guguan Tourist Center provides traveling information and site introduction of Guguan Scenic Area, Atayal outfit experience, simple medical service, traffic condition inquiry, visitor opinion feedback and other services.

After the first floor has been refurbished, it has become a recreational area that blends with the views of the park. The considerate service of a free charging post is also available. At the cultural creative and experiencing area, handcrafted works created by local aboriginal cultural creators are on display. You can also experience wearing Atayal outfits and take pictures as memento. In addition to that, models of local agricultural goods and samples of high-mountain tea packages are also displayed in the windows, enabling tourists to further know the local agricultural goods of Lishan and Guguan.

At the B1 floor, hot spring inscription, e-books on hot spring knowledge, introduction on common types of hot springs, and etiquette and notices on taking hot spring bath are exhibited, making Guguan a good environment for taking a hot spring bath.

The B2 floor introduces the well-known hot spring of Taiwan and the world. A microfilm produced by Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration is also played there. A popular smart interactive area is also there in which visitors can learn more about Guguan and hot spring through interactive games!

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