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Fugang Old Street

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The development of Fugang Old Street is closely related to the construction of a local train station. Built in 1908 and named Bogonggang at the time, the station brought outsiders to the agricultural town and thus boosted its economy. The station district became the earliest developed area of the town. However, once trains stopped passing by, prosperity came to a halt. Only the old exotic mansions here still bear witness to the busy golden days.

Situated on Zhongzheng Road, Lu Chia-sheng Mansion is the old street's most iconic building. Spanning across five shop facades, the two-story house looks absolutely magnificent. Its Baroque style indicates that its first-generation owner was extremely wealthy. Decades have passed and it is still the town's landmark today.

Compared to the mansion, the Xinyi Street houses are rather simple. Walking through red-bricked hallways, visitors can easily feel ordinary townspeople's quiet lifestyle. Time seems to elapse back into the years of Showa of the Japanese Rule.

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