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Feng Gui Dou

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Known as the home of plums, Xinyi Township boasts the largest production volume of green plums. From early winter to Tomb Sweeping Day in the next year, watching and picking plums become the most romantic things to do in Xinyi. Fengguidou, Niuchoukeng, and Wusonglun are the most famous plum-watching spots. The Plum Garden even boasts a full mountain of flowers and an overlooking view of snow-covered Mt. Jade. The plum trees in Fengguidou are characterized by rough barks and twisted branches, making them strangely beautiful in a defiant stance. Most of the trees are around 30 years old. The "king of plums" near Ziqiang Elementary School is even 70 years old, yet still strong and alive.

Using Xinyi Township's natural resources, farm produce, and indigenous culture, Xinyi Township Farmers' Association holds a variety of plum-inspired activities. The association also helps winners of Mt. Jade Winter Tea Competition and Xinyi Township Grape Competition to sell their products on farmers' markets. Since the products are rare and of high quality, they are often sold out soon. The award ceremony day is thus ideal for purchasing the products, aside from the markets. Visitors are encouraged to seize the chance.

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