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Shitoushan Park

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Standing by Jinshan’s capes, Shitoushan gazes at Yehliu Cape to the East and Huanggang Fishery Port and Jhongjiao to the West. Being an army-controlled zone for long years, Shitoushan has a well-protected natural ecology. Its forest physiognomy is quite diverse, and in recent years, for successful restoration, Formosan lily and red spider lily can be seen blooming beside the park’s hiking trail during their flower seasons.

The famous Candle Holder Islets shaped by platonic movements and natural erosions stand at the end of the trail. The formations rose up from the center of the sea six millions ago, and after a long time of enduring winds, rain and waves, the sedimentary rocks now look like a finely crafted artwork. How amazing the Earth’s geological beauty can be!

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