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Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai) Scenic Area

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In the mother language of the Atayal tribe, Wulai represent the meaning of the hot springs. The names of hot springs in the old Atayal language are all called Wulai. Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai) with many gorges locates in the region of the Fuxing District. The famous inner scenery is the Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai)Waterfall, Long waterfall, and the Wind Stone. Yunei Stream locates in the village of Fuxing District in Taoyuan. The stream is the upper branch of the Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai) Waterfall. Therefore the flows of the water are strong because of the plentiful rain. The Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai) Waterfall is not affected by the dry season in winter.

Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai) Waterfall broke out into three sections. The middle section is the most impressive. It belongs to fault hanging valley type waterfall. The apex of the stream is narrow as the little street, and then meets the downfallen formation cape. The stream falls straight 50 meters down to the deep pond from the leftward notch. The water split out like the fog and the mist. This is the special view of wonderland.

There is a four-floor observatory at the side of the highway, and this is a good observe point. The seasons of watching the birds are May to June and November to the next February every year. You can enjoy the forest shower here, and also watching the waterfall and the birds. During the deep autumn, Yunei stream is the upper branch of Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai); the red maple leaves will cover the road besides the stream or flow in the stream. The stream with the flown maple leaves and the waterfall make the beautiful scenery. There are the three sections of the Xiao Wulai (Little Wulai) Waterfall from top to down near the observatory besides the main road. The drop height of the upper section is only about 3 meters. You can see it from the observatory. The drop height of the middle section is about 50 meters. It is the special waterfall with the high drop height in the northern part. The flow is vigorous, the sound is like thunder, and the water bloom splashes, these are condign grandeur. There is a small lake on the upper part of the middle section of the waterfall. The water on the upper section of the waterfall runs into the small lake, it is quite grandeur.

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