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Taipei Astronomical Museum

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The Taipei Astronomical Museum took over the responsibilities of its predecessor, the Taipei City Observatory. The dome is made up of geometrically identical pieces joined together and an avant-garde cover that takes advantage of natural lighting. Together with an altazimuth and solarium, it embodies the Taipei Astronomical Museum's design concept—a symbol of the immensity and profundity of space.

The IMAX Theater is a spherical building 35 meters in diameter topped by a gold-covered aluminum dome. It not only shows the entire sky, but also employs sound, light, electric and other instruments to give visitors a feeling of being at the scene. If you would like to take a relaxing visit to the sea of stars and appreciate the beauty of space at the same time, make a visit to the Taipei Astronomical Museum—it can impart to you a sense of space that you've never experienced before.

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