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  • 2022-2023Taiwan Hot Spring International Promotion Video: A Feast of Warmth

    During Taiwan's hot spring season, we will take you on a journey of emotions woven together by temperature. Here, you will discover that hot springs are not just places for soaking, but a way of life, a way of engaging in a dialogue with yourself, and a way of sharing warmth with others. So come on! Join us in this feast of warmth and experience the enchantment of Taiwan's hot spring season!

  • “Taiwan Hot Springs” launches publicity films

    A publicity film on Taiwan’s famous hot springs aiming at global audience takes views of travellers who came to Taiwan to explore Taiwan’s hospitality and tasty food, in addition to a range of hot springs with special minerals. Come and appreciate beautiful Taiwan in a different way! In fact, to promote the splendid hot springs in Taiwan to the world, the film comes with different language versions, such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

  • Promotional film - Taiwan Hot Springs

    In the film, a term “Hao Yu Chao,” which phonetically equals “receiving good signs while taking a hot spring bath” in Mandarin, is much touted. The film shows two youngsters taking a hot spring trip to change their mood. They not only felt physically and spiritually energized after taking high-quality hot spring baths, but also immersed in Taiwan’s beautiful mountain and ocean scenery. The movie well indicates that“ a good trip can change a traveller’s mood, and a good hot spring bath can bring

  • Hot springs in northern Taiwan

    Northern Taiwan takes pride in six hot spring areas that stride across Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Yilan County - Xinbeitou, Jinshan-Wanli, Jiaoxi, Shamao Mountain, Yangming Mountain, and Wulai. Each area has unique cultural and natural views to offer. We cordially invite visitors home and abroad to visit these places for hot spring baths and local food, exploring Taiwan’s hot spring during their journeys.

  • Enjoy hot springs in northern Taiwan

    To promote tourism in Taiwan, The Tourism Administration, MOTC launches a range of promotional events annually, from the beginning of autumn till end of winter, through the “Taiwan Hot Springs” program. Visitors can get special autumn/winter offers for both accommodation and hot spring baths in the hot spring areas all around Taiwan!

  • Bloggers from South Korea explored hot springs in eastern and southern Taiwan

    South Korean bloggers “ON AIR” and “Zealous Daddy” visited Taiwan to explore Baolai Hot Spring Area in Kaohsiung, Antong Hot Spring Area in Hualien, and Zhiben Hot Spring Area in Taitung. They enjoyed seafood hot pot, Taiwanese meal sets, traditional archery, indigenous tours, and Bunun Pasibutbut during their journey. Why not follow their recommendations and take a good hot spring bath!

  • Hot Spring Flash Mob Dance

    On December 14 and 15, renowned dance troupe “Swing Taiwan” performed flash mob dance at Tangweigou Hot Spring Park in Jiaoxi, Zhongshan Hot Spring Park in Jinshan, and Beitou Hot Spring Museum Meadow.

  • Hot Spring Flash Mob Dance in Beitou

    “Hot Spring Flash Mob Dance in Beitou” held earlier on was attended by more than 500 people, and 120 hot spring coupons and small gifts from Radium Kagaya Taipei were given to the public through the three flash mob dance sessions. Good for those attending the shows!

  • Taiwan Hot Springs was highly popular at the 2019 Taipei International Travel Fair

    After four consecutive days, Taiwan Hot Springs was visited by more than 10,000 visitors. Although this was the first time Taiwan Hot Springs joined the travel fair, it was zealously embraced by the public and judges alike. At the ceremony, it received the Best Exhibition Hall Award!

  • 2019-2020 Taiwan Hot Springs kicks off

    The Tourism Bureau, MOTC held a press conference for the 2019-2020 Taiwan Hot Springs on October 24, with representatives from the 19 hot spring areas in Taiwan, at Taipei Main Station. From now until June 2020, these hot spring areas would promote their businesses together through 270 kinds of special food, bath and accommodation offers. Web celebrities would demonstrate the ways to explore these areas to the public, and the Taiwan Hot Spring website would be renewed. Big data analysis and cust