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Dancewoods Hotels & Resorts

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Located in the midst of the coastal recreation zone in the Yilan Plain, Dancewoods Hotels and Resorts is a unique Japanese garden resort that features beautiful landscapes, art, ecology and recreational elements. The resort is close to the estuary of three of the nearby rivers – Lanyang River, Yilan River and Dongshan River – which is considered the ideal spot to enjoy the Guishan sun, one of Yilan’s top eight attractions. Terraced rice paddies and the Xueshan and Zhongyang mountain ranges also come into view. The unique Japanese garden has beautiful and relaxing scenery and green landscape everywhere. There are also a performance hall, art gallery, restaurants and cafe, Cherry Blossom Tea Room, Yushou Pavilion, exploration park and wedding venues with beautiful landscape and water view. The array of recreation themes and guided tours meet the needs of every visitor.

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