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To revive the tourism industry, a matchmaking event was held for local hot spring businesses

Activity Date: 2020-06-05

The Tourism Bureau, MOTC on June 5 held a match-making event for hot spring hoteliers and travel agencies at Atayal Resort in Nantou. Hot Spring Tourism Association Taiwan and representatives of the region’s hot spring industry; Depart. of Tourism, Nantou County Government and representatives of local gift shops; Travel Quality Assurance Association Taiwan; and Taiwan Domestic Tourism Development Association and over 30 domestic tourism businesses that are the association’s members; were invited to attend the event and discuss further collaboration.

Premiers of two films, “Hao Yu Chao” (meaning “receiving good signs while taking a hot spring bath”) and a global publicity film on Taiwan’s hot springs and food (which comes with five language versions, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean, and Russian) were made at the event. “Oh Bear,” a tourism mascot in Taiwan, was also invited to play hot spring-themed hide and seek. By catching Oh Bear, people could get beautiful keyrings for free. The game instantly became a highlight, and it made the event much more fun.

Once again, in order to boost tourism, Tourism Bureau, MOTC has recently published two publicity films on hot springs at once. In one film, a term “Hao Yu Chao,” which phonetically equals “receiving good signs while taking a hot spring bath” in Mandarin, is much touted. The film shows two youngsters taking a hot spring trip to change their mood. They not only feel physically and spiritually energized after taking high-quality hot spring baths, but are also impressed by Taiwan’s beautiful mountain and ocean scenery. The movie indicates that“ a good trip can change a traveller’s mood, and a good hot spring bath can bring good signs in life.” The other film targeting at global audience takes the views of travellers who come to Taiwan to explore Taiwan’s hospitality and tasty food. All visitors are cordially invited to appreciate beautiful Taiwan in a different way - by exploring a range of hot springs! In fact, to promote the splendid hot springs in Taiwan, the global publicity film comes with different language versions, such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Taiwan boasts a wide range of hot springs found in mountains, by the sea, and on the plains. Such include rare mud springs, hydrothermal springs, volcanic sulfur springs,  and odorless sodium bicarbonate springs. Meanwhile, Tourist Bureau, MOTC  highlights hot springs and food and integrates the hot spring sector’s supply chain to promote its image in tourism. As domestic travel becomes more popular by the day, hot spring hoteliers and travel agencies are invited to work with the bureau. The goal is to boost economic confidence in post-pandemic times, by promoting Taiwan’s hot springs, polishing the country’s brand image in tourism, and providing consumers with more holiday options.


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