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“2020 Happy Hot Springs in Central Taiwan” kicks off

Activity Date: 2020-06-20~2020-09-20

A press conference promoting 2020 Happy Hot Springs in Central Taiwan was held at Freshfields Taichung in Wuri, June 18 by Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC, encouraging people to enjoy the seven hot springs in central Taiwan while the pandemic is under control.

Russian artist Annie and Chinese herbal medicine doctor Chiao Sheng-lin shared a few tips about staying healthy through hot springs. Chiao noted that taking hot spring baths in the summer helps to detox. Once minerals go into human bodies through skin, immunity will increase. Thus, the relaxing baths are especially suitable for people in times of COVID-19. The spring water may even make people look more beautiful and healthier. And since regimen food is often served to guests after the baths in Taiwan, a hot spring trip is nourishing from inside out.

For this event, seven major hot spring areas in central Taiwan, including Neiwan of Hsinchu; Tai’an of Miaoli; Wuji, Dakeng, and Guguan of Taichung; and Dongpu and Beigang River of Nantou joined force with the Administration to promote hot spring tourism. Two side-activities are held online, providing cash prizes and gifts worth more than NT$400,000 to visitors. Sine this year is the Year of Mountain Tourism, more than 10 hot spring themed tours in Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung and Nantou are also offered, for people to spend their summer holidays.

From June 20 to September 20 during the event period, customers of the participating B&Bs, bath houses, and restaurants in Jianshi, Tai’an, Guguan, Wuji, Dakeng, Beigang River, and Dongpu, as well as participants of the aforementioned themed tours, may join monthly prize draws upon presenting a unified invoice with a purchase of NT$500 or more. The grand prize is a 30-point diamond necklace by an internationally renowned brand. By collecting visitors’ stamps of all seven hot spring areas, visitors can get limited-edition bath towels designed by famous designer Daniel Wong at the 2020 Happy Hot Springs in Central Taiwan  website.

There is just one more activity held by the Administration: In Search of Hot Spring Bloggers. All members of the public are encouraged to share their hot spring travel notes, with photos and written texts. Who knows? The winners may become popular travel writers soon. Other than holding monthly prize draws for the participants, the Administration will select eight winners. The grand-prize winner will be given a cash reward of NT$30,000, the second - NT$15,000, and the third - NT$10,000. The other five excellence-prize winners will each be given NT$3,000. The winners will be endorsers of the hot springs in central Taiwan. Their writings and photographs will be published in a special book that celebrates 2020 Happy Hot Springs in Central Taiwan.