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Hot spring foot baths, natural scenery, and indigenous food - enjoy a summer trip to Guguan Hot Spring Park

Activity Date: 2020-07-23

Tourism Bureau, MOTC invited founder of Love Travel, an agency specializing in accessible travel to lead journalists, senior care center staffs, and representatives of physically challenged groups and social welfare institutions to try out accessible tourism in selected tourist attractions at Guguan Hot Spring Park in central Taiwan on July 23, 2020.

Pleasant surprises can be found throughout Guguan Hot Spring Park. Visitors can put on Ayatal garments and take photos for free, or join an indigenous harp-making class. Take a walk in the lush, green and spacious park, feel impressed by magnificent Dajia Valley at Shaolai Suspension Bridge, and soak up both feet in the park’s free hot spring pond while trying “fish pedicure.” How joyous this trip will be!

Cheng, who participated in the designing of the park, said that for physically challenged elders and the mentally challenged, it can be challenging to move around when taking hot spring baths. This sets extra burdens to their caregivers. The accessible foot-bath pool is therefore especially designed to make it convenient, safe and easy for everyone to enjoy some relaxing time. Its height and depth is just right, and there are railings to hold onto.

Other than user-friendly leisure facilities and services, the transport and accommodation for visitors to Guguan Hot Spring Park is highly accessible. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle which departs from THSR Taichung Station and Taichung City Bus provide step-entrance buses all day long for those on wheelchairs. Tourism Bureau and the Administration also provide information about accessible accommodation online, for people to acquire some ideas in advance and even contact hoteliers of their choice, no matter they are traveling alone or with family and friends.

Tourism Bureau, MOTC is devoted to promoting accessible tourism. It has not only set up accessible hiking trails, toilets, elevators, breastfeeding rooms, and leisure facilities at tourist attractions to provide friendly, special experience for visitors of all needs. This year, it even publishes a travel guide entitled Let’s Go! - Accessible Travel in Taiwan, introducing 10 tourist highlights in national scenic areas and seven accessible attractions.

Now that COVID-19 is under control, Tourism Bureau cordially invites people to explore all tourist attractions in Taiwan, even with elders and their physically and mentally challenged friends. Let’s enjoy the happiness of traveling together!