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The 2022-2023 Taiwan Hot Spring Launch Ceremony Connects 19 Major Hot Spring Areas, Warming Up For The Hot Spring Season Across Taiwan. Golden autumn is about to start and the slight coolness is a goo

Activity Date: 2022-09-14~2022-09-15

The Tourism Bureau, MOTC collaborates with 19 hot spring areas across Taiwan to hold the "2022-2023 Taiwan Hot Spring Annual Launch Ceremony" at Xiangshan Visitor Center on September 14 VIP guests included Chang, Shi-chung Director General of the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, and Director Chien Ching-fa, from the  Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, Chairman Li Jitian, Hot Spring Tourism Association Taiwan, and nearly 200 guests, including the directors of various hot spring associations nationwide; OhBear, the leader of the Super Task Team under the Tourism Bureau, was also invited to attend the press conference. The OhBear team leader wore a "Hot Spring" bathrobe with an aboriginal totem and a towel on his head, an eye-catching appearance.

This year’s launch ceremony invited well-known artist Guo Shuyao (Yaoyao) to promote the official launch of 2022-2023 Taiwan Hot Springs, warming up for the upcoming hot spring season activities across Taiwan. Yaoyao will also attend the Oscars for Taiwan’s hot spring industry - The Golden Hot Spring Award onsite publicity campaigns to promote Taiwan's high-quality hot springs to the public. The launch ceremony called for all members of 19 hot spring areas across northern and eastern Taiwan to participate in promotional events combined with creative experiences and booth displays such as "playing and ordering tea", "Bamboo Weaving Craft" and "Mountain Litsea Perfume DIY" in the Sun Moon Lake sightseeing area. This presents the rich and diverse characteristics of Nantou's tea town, crafts and aboriginal culture to kick off the Golden Hot Spring event!

Chang, Shi-Chung, director general of the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, said that "Taiwan Hot Spring" is in its milestone 15th year as a brand that has been marketed in hot spring areas across Taiwan. This drives the trend of national tourism and bathing, and also established a new image of hot spring tourism in Taiwan, ensuring the beauty of the nation’s hot springs is rooted in the hearts of the people and sustainable in nature. In response to the development of digital communities, this year’s Taiwan Hot Spring not only updated its website, but also launched a LINE@official account service, which is convenient for the public to inquire about hot springs and accommodation related information in the 19 hot spring areas and can also directly purchase discounted hot springs online package tickets, with the integration of on-line and off-line offerings boosting hot springs business.

Li Jitian, chairman of the Hot Spring Tourism Association Taiwan said the country is a treasure trove of hot springs, from Yangmingshan, Xinbeitou and Wulai in the north, to Guguan and Beigang River in the center of Taiwan, to Guanziling and Sichongxi in the south, and then to Ruisui, Antong, and Chihben hot springs in Hualian and Taitung. Taiwan has a wide variety of spring types and qualities, with each hot spring area having its own characteristics; after the epidemic the recovery of domestic tourism has accelerated, and enjoying hot springs relieves stress and increases immunity. At the same time, experiencing Taiwanese hot spring specialities and delicacies serve multiple purposes in one trip. Everyone is welcome to enjoy hot springs in Taiwan as a healthy past time.

The "2022-2023 Taiwan Hot Spring" series of marketing events runs from now until the end of June next year, connecting 19 hot spring areas across northern, southern, and eastern Taiwan. Make good memories and relax at the hot springs, bring healing back to daily life, strengthen the body's immunity, and enhance the happiness and healing power of the mind. The Taiwan Golden Hot Spring Award voting event, which has been  popular for several years, also provides prizes worth more than NT$100,000 this year, including the latest iPhone, hot spring accommodation coupons in Taiwan, and Nantou tea. Anyone who votes from November onwards will have the opportunity to take home gifts.

For more information on Taiwan Hot Spring and Golden Hot Spring Award, please visit the following websites:

Taiwan Hot Spring Fan Club fanpage

Taiwan Hot Spring LINE@Search @hotspring_taiwan (It will be launched soon to provide information about hot spring related activities, so stay tuned!