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Summer Hot Springs

Summer is a time when the body’s metabolism is the most exuberant. It’s also a time when the yang energy is the most vigorous and the blood circulation is the smoothest. Soaking in the hot spring during this time of year makes it easier for the skin to absorb the healing properties in the hot spring. Some of the clinical symptoms that can be improved by soaking in the hot springs are asthma, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and common colds. Soaking in the hot springs can also improve your overall health, immune system, and reduce allergic reactions. It definitely achieves the goal of disease prevention!

  1. As long as it’s done correctly, summer hot springs not only promotes health, it also improves a deficient system!
  2. According to the ancient Chinese wisdom of health, the human body lives among the cosmos and every living thing is closely linked with nature. In order to stay healthy and avoid getting ill, one must adapt to the changes in nature, such as climate changes in each season and the regulation of day and night. Following this wisdom will maintain and achieve harmony of the body and soul.
  3. Summer is a good season to visit the hot springs, especially soaking the lower part of the body. Soak your legs from knees down into the hot spring and keep the upper body dry and well ventilated. It’s fine to scoop up water and slowly pour it down the body along the back of your neck and let the water run between your shoulder blades down the spine. Please avoid soaking the chest and stomach area in the hot spring for a long period of time.
  4. The ideal time to soak the lower body in the hot springs is during morning and night for about 20 minutes every day. The temperature should be around 40 degrees. A tradition proverb states: “Soaking the feet in the spring increases yang energy and strengthens the body; Soaking the feet in the summer removes dampness; Soaking the feet in the fall moistens the lung and intestines; Soaking the feet in the winter warms the lower abdomen”.
  5. The feet are the roots of the essence in the human body, and the “yongquan meridian point” under the feet is one of the main meridian points that lead to the kidneys. Providing proper warmth to the feet and soaking the wrists in the hot spring at the same time can warm up the distal extremities, promote blood circulation, protect the yang energy in the body, strengthen the immune system, eliminate fatigue and restore vitality!
  6. A smart way to enjoy the hot springs is to use it properly so it can help you eliminate fatigue, relax muscles and joints, promote metabolism, help with sleep issues, and even moisturize your skin and give you a dewy, glowing look!
  7. To be well-hydrated, drink some water before and after using the hot spring.
  8. Avoid overeating and drinking alcohol after using the hot spring.
  9. After using the hot spring, do not drink coffee, tea, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and engage in other stimulating activities in order to sustain the benefits from the hot spring.
  • Summer Hot Springs

Last updated:: 2019-12-17