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Hot Spring Area Intro


Wulai Township occupies the southernmost tip of Taipei County. For over three centuries, this area was a hunting ground of the Atayal aboriginals. It is said that an Atayal hunting party discovered the Wulai hot springs after sighting steam rising from the valley here. They therefore called this area "Uraikirofu," or "steaming springs." It is from this word that the name Wulai derives. Today, Wulai is considered one of northern Taiwan's premier hot spring destinations.

Special Features

The hot springs of Wulai are known as "beauty springs," since their alkaline sodium bicarbonate-rich water is believed to be good for the skin. The water is clear, odorless, and hot (about 80 degrees centigrade!).

Spring Type

Sodium bicarbonate spring


Public Transportation

Bus: Take the Sindian Bus to Wulai Station
Information: (02)26660678

Wulai Indigenous Culture (half-day tour)